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A very hard working and committed team that strives for perfection no matter the task. Each team member plays a role and have their responsibilities that are executed in a very careful and professional manner.

Kyrone Smith.JPG

Founder & Manager

Kyrone Smith

Brings together all the pieces to create the final product. He believes that quality, creativity and innovation are the key factors to producing something GREAT. 

Allianne Smith

Co-Founder & Co-Manager

Allianne Smith

She's very hard working, from set up to break down of all equipment. She handles the camera like a boss and always know what she's doing. She's definitely a "MUST HAVE".


For a few years Klean Stream has been in the making and is now a reality, thanks to deep thought and effort, lots of questions and answers, strategy revision and meditation. Not to forget those who shared ideas and gave business advice. These are the things that have brought this business to where it is today.  As we move forward, we'll continue to provide the best quality service to each and every client, whether virtual or in .



R E L I A B L E  A N D  A F F O R D A B L E

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