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Karen Greenaway

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

Hi Kyrone and Allianne!

Thank you both for the terrific job you did for Paul's celebration last Saturday.  You worked SO hard with terrific results. The feedback from others has been remarkable.

I wish you both continued successes.

Desmond Richardson

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

I had Klean Stream produced a video for me on my motorbike, I was extremely pleased with the outcome. I gave them my concept and they ran with it and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their services. They are very professional and knows the production business well. Thank you Klean Stream.

Felicia Hill

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

This industry calls for patience. Kyrone has the patience to get it right and is willing to go above and beyond. He is also talented and his formal training adds to the professional touch. Doing business with Klean Stream is a pleasure.


Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

The Klean Stream staff work in a very professional manner beginning with the uniformity of dress which was the first thing that appealed to me. The service is of a high quality and the members of the team are well-versed in technology.

Shefoo & Foster Webster

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

If We had to do it all again, indeed, We will choose no other but KLEAN STREAM. They are punctual, professional and affordable. Their unique style of service strikes a balance of oneness and completeness. May God continue to grow your business as the team strive for excellence. Reach for the stars and don't look back, the sky is the limit and that's a fact. We wish you the very best as you progress in your new business venture. BLESSINGS!!!

Keith Stone Greaves (Caribbean Journalist and Broadcaster)

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

I have had the good fortune of witnessing first hand the quality output produced by Klean stream (owners/producers Kyrone Smith and his wife) during the first round of matches in the inaugural Premier T20 cricket league at the James Ronald Webster Park. Truly excellent work. I have personally had some of my cricket loving friends abroad look at the feed and they too are very impressed with the high class production. Slick camera work and the audio is good. Keep up the high standard; the sky is the limit!

Cameca Edwards (Owner of ThatChic)

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

I would like to say a special thank you and job well done to Klean Stream. They covered my official launch and launch party for my online store, ThatChic. I could not have worked with a better team. They did an excellent job at both events. The streams were indeed clean and I am ever so grateful to work with them and to create memorable moments with my family, friends and customers. I would recommend them for any streaming event. Thanks again Klean Stream.

Evan Webster

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

Klean Stream provides an excellent streaming service of covering events in Anguilla. The management and staff are very knowledgeable and approachable.

Tanya Wallace

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

Kyrone worked well with our family during this difficult time. He was considerate of the type of service that we wanted.

Carol Webster & Extended Family

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

Our Dad had a birthday on 23rd September and due to health issues and COVID-19 restrictions, there wasn't going to be much of a celebration. A combination of WhatsApp and Zoom got the task done. Kyrone came early and left way late. He set up the virtual platform at the nursing home where family members including his children, his only living sibling, nieces and nephews, many grandchildren and great-grandchildren were able to celebrate his birthday with him and fellowship with each other. Kudos to Klean Stream.

Maricia Romney

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

Klean Stream is the way to go. Kyrone takes his work seriously. He encourages you through the given task and doesn’t quit until it’s done to perfection. Big up yourself and May God continue to do a mighty work through this new business venture!

Pastor Lester Jules

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

Great work as always. Continue to grow and become the best there is.

Kaiheem Richardson (Planet Shifters Band)

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

I use Klean Stream just this pass Sunday for our praise party and it was phenomenal and of course I will recommend them for any and every event.

Vernon Hodge

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

Recently, I have had the pleasure of using live streaming services provided by Klean Stream for the Tribute/Wake and Funeral Service of my late sister, Valarie. I was impressed with the level of professionalism portrayed by these two young entrepreneurs and the quality of their production. This was supported by the many positive comments the family received from viewers, family and friends, near and far. Keep up the good work. The success of any business is heavily dependent on the quality of service provided.

Pastor Howard Simon

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

Klean Stream has become a name that stands for excellence, reliability and quality!!!

Daniella Richardson

Service: Great   Recommended: Yes

Awesome customer service and professionalism from start to finish with quality streaming. Will definitely recommend Klean Stream.

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